We're Passionately Driven and Growing Rapidly

SpeediMango is creating a new and efficient marketplace, connecting buyers and sellers of used cars.

Peace of Mind

We believe you should have total peace of mind when selling or trading in your car or turning in your lease.

That means a fast, easy process without the trade-in games and hassles and the knowledge that you left no money on the table.

Options and Choices. Hasslefree.

Technology is the great enabler and equalizer.

We believe technology should give you options and choices on where to sell and buy. Free you from the hassles of dealer trade-in games. Empower you to get the best deal for your car and for the car you want to buy.

All from the comfort your keyboard. Because this is the 21st Century.

We're Car Guys, Changing the Status Quo.

It's true. We spend a lot of time tinkering with bits and bytes and thinking about changing things up in the used-car market.

But we're also genunine car guys. You'll find us getting our hands dirty, changing control arms and brake discs and executing the occasional well-timed heel-toe downshift.

Our Story

Born in Wimbledon, London. London, England.

Founded by Farra Majid, our story begins at a coffee shop in his hometown, Wimbledon.

Farra had been recently been frustrated by trying to sell his car on his own. He had his eye on another car but couldn't buy it until his sold. The dealership offered a typical lowball trade-in valuation. He tried selling it online to those car-buying services and was shocked by how little they offered. Farra also didnt have the time to shop the car around.

Farra knew there had to be a better way to sell or trade-in your car, which didn’t waste tons of time and avoided the typical hassles of trading-in or selling privately. Ideally the process would empower people to get a fair price for their car, while being fun and convenient.

Two espressos and several hours later, Farra realized an opportunity. Soon after returning to Philadelphia, he assembled a team and set off on an entrepreneurial journey to change the way people sell their cars.

What began as an exercise in typical car-selling frustration has now evolved in to a thriving business. Now people can finally sell their cars and buy new or pre-owned vehicles from anywhere and know that they're getting a fair deal every step of the way.

Finding a name was a challenge. We tried the typical names, CarThis and AutoThat, but nothing seemed original. Farra’s nine-year old daughter, solved the problem. “SpeediMango”. At first it seemed offbeat. But then it stuck.

We’re an offbeat and fun company. Now we invite you to join enjoy the fruits of our labour and become part of our story.

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