Top 20 Best-Selling Cars in July 2015

America Still Runs on Pickup-Trucks

The Ford F-Series (F-150, F-250, F-350) truck series continued to be the best-selling vehicle model in America, with sales up over 10,000 units over June to 66,288 units.

With production ramping up, Ford also sold 10k more F-series than its closest competitor, Chevy’s Silverado Pickup.  Chevy had a great month regardless, with sales up 34% over last year.

Dodge’s Ram pickup truck was a distant third best choice, selling half as many units as Ford’s F-series.  GMC’s Sierra continued to be a choice for some consumers, with sales increasing 13.3% over last year to 19,808 units.

Toyota Camry Best-Selling Car.  Honda Accord Close Behind.

The best-car last month was no surprise, the mid-sized Toyota Camry, selling 38,435 units.  Honda recovered from its weak June sales performance (down 15% year-over-year) and took the number two spot with the also mid-sized Accord (34,496 units).

As if Nissan needed to be a player in the top three passenger car spots, it squeezed in the Altima, which falls between compact and mid-sized.  Consumers bought 27% more Altimas this July compared to last year with sales volume (33,842) just shy of Honda Accord’s unit sales.  Camry and Accord.  In contrast, Camry and Accord were down over last year in the low single digits.

The compact-sized Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla were about neck and neck in sales, with Civic sales up 3.7% over last July, while Corolla sales fell 1.9%.

Ford’s first passenger car entry in the Top20 best-selling vehicles in July was the popular Ford Fusion model, which competes in the mid-sized sedan segment against the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry.  While Ford sales grew in July 4.9% to 25,105 units, consumers still appear to prefer Honda and Toyota products given relative sales volumes.

Hyundai’s mid-sized Sonata continued its healthy market-adoption, growing 5.9% over last year to 23,917 units, dangerously close to Ford Fusion sales volume.

The Hyundai Elantra and the Chevy Cruise, both compacts, were also popular among consumers in July with flat to minor upticks in sales.

Who Doesn’t Like a Good Crossover? And SUV?

SUVs and crossovers continued to be America’s favourite vehicles, along with pickup trucks.  The Honda CR-V crossover took the top spot, selling 31,785 units, an increase of 11.4% over last year.

Although the Ford Escape also enjoyed a healthy 10.1% growth over July 2014, consumers bought almost 2,500 fewer Escapes than CR-Vs.

Nissan’s Rogue saw explosive growth of 50.9%, making it almost as popular as Toyota’s venerable RAV4 in terms of units sold and consumer mindshare.  However, Toyota RAV4 sales were stagnant, suggesting that Nissan may sell more Rogues in the upcoming months.

On a brighter note for Ford, 23% more consumers bought the ever-popular Ford Explorer SUV in July, compared to last year, making it America’s best-selling SUV.

Unfortunately, while GM’s Chevrolet didn’t have as much joy with its Equinox SUV, with sales down 14.7% over last year, GM’s Jeep division did enjoy a 17% surge in sales of its Wrangler model.

The complete Top20 list is provided below.

Top20Sales - July 15


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