2010 Nissan Maxima – SpeediMango Trade-In Report

The Nissan Maxima has always been one of America’s favourite cars.  Sporty styling, strong handling and a host of standard features make it an excellent choice within in its segment. So when it’s time to trade-in or sell your 2010 Maxima, figuring out what it’s actually worth to dealers can be confusing and riddled with uncertainty.  It doesn’t matter whether your car is leased (dealers still want to buy it), financed or you own it outright.

Since you don’t know what dealers are actually paying for a 2010 Nissan Maxima in the wholesale market (dealer auctions and dealer-to-dealer trades), all you really have to go on is Book Value, as provided by sources such as Edmunds(R) and KBB(R).  To make matters worse, theses sources can disagree with each other often by Thousands of Dollars.

However, Book Value is only a number and at the end of the day your Maxima is worth what the highest bidder (dealer) is willing to pay.  The Book you use and which buyer you trade-in or sell to can mean the difference between getting the best price and literally leaving thousands on the table.

Well, it’s our mission to help you get the most for your Nissan Maxima.  Here’s how we would approach figuring out what it might be worth.


First, we look at the range of book values.  Then we ask our reliable dealer sources, what they’d expect to pay.  Finally we get some real-world offers for context.

For Book Values, we take two scenarios: one with the car having standard options and being in a condition the guidebooks describe as ‘Average’ or ‘Good’; the second with some upgraded options, and being in ‘Very good’ or ‘Clean’ condition.  Generally the auto industry defines the former condition as that where a vehicle requires some basic mechanical (tires, brakes etc.) and body repair (dings, dents, scratches) or reconditioning (interior cleaning/ detailing).  The auto industry defines the latter condition as that where a car largely needs nothing beyond cleaning/ detailing in order to retail on a dealer lot.

2010 Nissan Maxima Valuation









Our Real-World Findings

From the table above, we can see that Book Value for an Average/ Good Maxima ranged from $11,600 to $14,000.  That’s a pretty large variance.  For a Nissan Maxima in Very Good/ Clean condition, the range was a little more narrow, from $14,100 to $15,400, but still tangible, given that we’re considering the same car in the same condition etc. In terms of real-world transactions, our dealer sources tell us that they would pay anywhere from $13,500 to $14,500 for a Good condition car and $14,500 to $16,000 for a Very Good car such a car. We also obtained a couple of actual offers online, from the “Instant Offer” websites, using a Maxima in Very Good condition.  We got offers in from $11,250 to $12,250.

So How DO I Get the Most for My Nissan Maxima?

Firstly, you should do your homework and get Book Values provided by sites such as NADA(R), KBB(R) and Edmunds(R). But keep in mind: the guidebooks provide a valuation. Ultimately, a valuation is simply an opinion. Someone says “that’s what you should get for your car”. But at the end of the day, that someone is not the one putting their money where their mouth is, and giving you a real-live offer for your car.

So that’s why, secondly, you should get a number of real offers from both brick-and-mortar dealerships and the Instant Offer car-buying services. And that’s where SpeediMango comes in.  We get you real dealer offers right from your computer anywhere, so you don’t have to enter the same details on a number of websites or waste your weekend shopping your car at 9 different dealerships.

Finally, did we mention that if your Maxima is leased, SpeediMango could help you unlock cash? Dealers want to buy it and if your car is worth more than your lease buy-out, you pocket the difference.  Basically, the dealer handles all the paperwork and finances and writes you a cheque for the difference.  You might also not have to pay for mileage overages and the wear and tear that you might have paid if you just turned in your lease.

* Valuation numbers presented to the nearest $100.  This valuation is intended for informational purposes only.

** SpeediMango is not affiliated with Edmunds, KBB or NADA.  Those are also registered Trademarks.

Posted by: Farra Majid on Monday, October 13th, 2014 at 11:40 pm in CARS