Solved. The Best Time to Sell Your Car

Well, its not exactly a state-secret that the average new car will have lost a third to half of its value within the first three years of its service life.  But exactly when you should sell your precious car is a complex question which keeps many of us up at night. In fact, at SpeediMango, we get asked this all the time.  That and “What’s my car worth?”

Since we do have an army of Carnegie Mellon nerds at our disposal, we have them calculate every aspect of the optimal strategy to sell or trade-in your car. This includes analyzing things such as depreciation curves, interest rates, equity, payoff amounts and finance terms and whether the car is in our out of warranty or the cost of maintenance or how much money has been spent to date fixing it. They even factor future oil changes and KBB and Edmunds trade-in values.

Despite crunching numbers around the clock, our team of nerds unfortunately still does not have a mathematically rigourous answer which you can take to the bank.  Honestly we don’t really see them reaching a firm, conclusive answer the way most nerds like to. That, or they’re out test-driving the latest turbo-charged sleeper station-wagons for giggles.

Considering the delay in reaching a firm conclusion and that most people don’t really sit around calculating things like depreciation curves, we think the best time to sell your car is when you’re sick of it or just pining for another. You know, when you find yourself itching for the fruit of another twin-turbo V8 or sneaking glances at that shiny new red coupe with the windswept curves. Or perhaps more practically, you just need a four-wheel drive SUV in case you go on Safari in the Hamptons or you’ve had your first baby and need more space, such as that afforded by a Cadillac Escalade. Or perhaps you’ve hit your midlife crisis and want a fancy sports-car such as Porsche.

Whatever your reason to sell or trade-in your car, we at SpeediMango are fully supportive and will do our utmost to help you get a great price, without the hassle or the trade-in games.

Posted by: Farra Majid on Tuesday, October 21st, 2014 at 7:00 pm in CARS