Bloody brilliant, mate!

But How Does SpeediMango Work?

First, Tell Us About Your Pride & Joy.

Tell us your car's story. Upload a few pictures for dealers to salivate over. Does everything work normally and is there any damage? Its ok either way. So no need to fret.

Sit Back. Relax. Watch Dealer Offers Roll in on SpeediMango.

We'll send new offers from dealerships straight to your email inbox. This way you don't have to contact a dozen buyers to get the best price.

Negotiate Online. Not In-Store.

Dealer's offer not up to snuff? Wouldnt it be great if you could negotiate it from your couch? Saving you the time and hassle of visiting and haggling with 18 different dealers to get the best deal.

Of course, you also have the option to negotiate over the phone or in person. Whatever works for you.

Accept an Offer Online.

Agree on numbers? Great! Accept an offer online or via phone. Remember, the dealer's offer is conditional upon their inspection of your car and you're not bound to it either.

Walk Away with Cash or Trade-In Your Car.

Schedule a time to visit the dealer. The dealer inspects your car, handles your paperwork and writes you a cheque. If you're trading-in, you can use your equity towards your next car.

SpeediMango is what the used-car market needs.

Sell More. Buy For Less.

How Exactly?

We're a True Marketplace

SpeediMango connects you with dealers who actively want to buy your car. So you get real offers.

Not quotes of some Trade-In Value or Book Value.

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We Bypass the Middlemen

Dealers that don't want your trade-in and web car buyers offer you less so they can wholesale it to another dealer.

We bypass these guys and find you that other dealer.

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Sell to One Dealer, Buy From Another

In prehistoric times, you'd play trade-in games with the same dealer, never getting quite the best deal.

But now you can seperate selling and buying, getting the best price every time.

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