Top 20 Best-Selling Cars in June 2015

Pickup Trucks Still Tops

Pickup trucks were once again the best-selling cars in America, dominating three out of the four top spots.

The top-selling vehicle continued to be Ford’s F-Series (F150, F250 and F350) pickup trucks, followed relatively closely by Chevy’s Silverado.  While the Silverado has been gaining in popularity recently and Ford has been hampered with production challenges, it’s worth noting that on a year to date basis, the Ford F-Series handily outsold the Chevy Silverado by almost 30%.

Fiat-Chrysler’s Dodge Ram was in a distant third place.  While the GMC Sierra pickup was handily outsold by the Dodge Ram, it still posted the strongest sales gains.

Small Cars Faring Better Than Mid-Sized

The two best-selling cars in America for June just happened to be Toyotas.  The Camry still proved to be America’s favourite car, followed by its baby brother, the Toyota Corolla.  Despite the Toyota Camry’s popularity, sales were 8% lower than last year.  Sales for its closest rival, the Honda Accord were down an even greater 15% demonstrating America’s shift away from mid-sized sedans.

The small-car segment fared better than mid-sized sedans for all but Honda.  The Toyota Corolla was still America’s best-selling small-car and fifth best-seller overall, even though sales were flat over last year.  Nissan had much better news, with Altima sales increasing in double digits and lagging Toyota by around a thousand units. The Honda Civic, in contrast, saw sales down by 15% over last year.  The Hyundai Elantra turned out to be the strongest performer of the entire group of 20, posting a 55% increase over last year and trailing the Honda Civic by only a couple of thousand cars.

SUV/ Crossovers Still Strong

The SUV and Crossover vehicle segment continued to be America’s preference.  The Honda CR-V squeezed in to the top 10 in terms of sales volume, while the Toyota RAV4, Nissan Rogue, Ford Explorer and Jeep Wrangler all enjoyed sales increases over last year.  The Rogue, in particular had a stellar month, up 54.3% over last year.  Sales for the Chevy Equinox were flat.

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