Tesla’s Robotic Snake Can Charge Your Model S Without You

In a futuristic world, cars will drive themselves and be refueled or recharged by robots, while we’re on our iPad593 happily yapping away or such.

At least that’s the way the future appears to be shaping up, given Tesla’s unveiling a new video of their prototype electric charger connecting to a Model S without any human interaction at all.

The contraption, which ostensibly resembles a solid metal snake, is completely automated and can find and plug in to a Tesla Model S all by itself.

Designed to make your life easier, you could just pull in to your garage, parking within reach of its station and amble on inside to grab that gin and tonic and put your feet up, knowing that you’d need not worry about plugging in or charging your car.  Your Tesla would be all charged-up in the morning, ready to go.

Taking it a step further, perhaps you could tell Siri, or its distant future cousin on your mobile phone or brain implant, who knows, “Siri. Charge Tesla” and the command would be filtered to the snake charger, without you having to lift a finger.  Such automation could of course result in job losses for butler types, but we’ll worry about that later.

We do think the charger needs a name though.  Jeeves won’t cut it.  Any suggestions?

You can watch Tesla’s video below.


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    By Farra Majid, August 7, 2015



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Posted by: Farra Majid on Thursday, August 6th, 2015 at 8:06 pm in LIFESTYLE