What is SpeediMango?

We are a disruptive technology company and creator of an online marketplace which solves the consumer problem of getting a fair price, when selling or trading-in a car at a dealership.

After listing a car on SpeediMango a consumer receives online, multiple no-obligation offers from dealerships that actively want to buy it for their retail inventory and not necessarily to wholesale.

For consumers, having multiple offers eliminates the typical dealership trade-in games and anxieties along with the inconvenience of physically shopping a car at multiple places (including websites and dealerships) to get the best price.

SpeediMango also provides an escape from the hassle and risk of selling privately.  Since our process eliminates the middleman, consumers can still get a price close to a private sale.

Consumers can also get great online offers for new and used cars they would like to buy.  A consumer can sell their car to one dealer and buy from another, ensuring that they get the best price each and every time.

For dealerships, SpeediMango provides a welcome relief from the significant costs and hassles of buying wholesale inventory, while enjoying the advantages of buying directly from consumers.  We also help drive sales of retail units, by sending a steady stream of sales prospects, which are unattainable from traditional internet and classified media listings.

Posted by: Farra Majid on Wednesday, August 20th, 2014 at 9:29 pm in DEALERS, EVENTS, NEWS, PRODUCT UPDATES