Never undersell your car.

SpeediMango’s marketplace connects consumers who want to sell or trade-in their cars to a trusted network of dealers, assuring you have peace of mind and the best price.



Selling your Mazda?  Want to get the best possible price without going through the hassle of selling it on your own?  Well, you’ve definitely come to the right place.


Unlike the online and physical used-car cash buyers who claim to give you a ‘fair price’ only to then short-change you by thousands and wholesale your car to another dealer for a tidy profit, SpeediMango does not buy cars.  We’re the fast-growing marketplace connecting consumers who want to sell their car to a trusted network of dealers who want to buy them.  By cutting out the middlemen and wholesalers, we get get you multiple dealer offers so you can get the true market value for your car.


If you’re in the market for another car too, our dealers can make you great offers on the new, used or certified car you want without you having to set foot in a showroom.  Which means you can sell to one dealer and buy from another, getting the best deal each and every time in a hassle-free way.  Total no-brainer and doesn’t cost a dime!


Mazda is well known for producing excellent vehicles at very affordable prices.  Although the company started as a machine tool manufacturer in Hiroshima, Japan in 1920 it switched to making cars in 1931.  Since entering the US market in 1970 Mazda has gone through some ups and downs, forcing it in to partnerships with Sumitomo and Ford Motor Company, but producing some noteable cars such as the legendary Miata along the way.

Why should I sell or trade-in my car on SpeediMango?


Get the Best Price


Multiple offers from dealers who actually want it for inventory means you don’t have to accept the first ‘cash or ‘instant’ offer or accept thousands less than your car is worth.


Fast & Hassle-Free


No shopping your car to eight dealerships or entering details on five different websites to see how you can get the most. List it on SpeediMango.com. Watch the offers roll in. Negotiate online and finalize an offer before you set foot in a dealership.


Free to Use


SpeediMango does the work, gets you the best price and is totally free to use. What more could you ask for?


The Best Price for Your Next Car


Tell us what you want to buy next and dealerships from the SpeediMango network will make you an upfront offer online. So you can sell your car to one dealer and buy from another getting the best price every time.


Your Lease Could be Worth Money


Stop! Don’t just turn in your lease and pay all those fees. SpeediMango dealers want your car and will make you an offer. If the offer is greater than your lease buy-out, you pocket the difference.

The 4-Step SpeediMango Process To Sell or Trade-in Your Car

1 Describe your car here

2 Receive and negotiate dealer offers to buy your car

3 Accept a conditional dealer offer and visit dealer for an inspection of your vehicle

4 Trade-in or sell your car for cash




Ready to get the most for your car in the easiest possible way?


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