Do you lease a Car or Truck?

Selling it could be worth money in your pocket

Turning in a lease
can be expensive

Excess mileage, wear-and-tear, tires, brakes, damage. Early termination. When you turn your lease in, you could be liable for thousands of dollars in fees.

Sell to a dealer. Avoid lease-return fees and headaches. And maybe make a buck. Or a Thousand.

When you sell your car or truck lease to a dealer for at least your residual (buy-out), you're usually not responsible for excess mileage, damage and other typical fees.

If your car is worth more than your buy-out, you simply pocket the difference.

SpeediMango's trusted dealerships really want your lease

When you accept an offer on SpeediMango, the dealership takes care of your paperwork so you can walk away with a check for any equity you might have. It couldn't be easier.

Bet you never thought your lease could be worth money?

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